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‘Photoshop Remote’ Video Shows More SDK Possibilites

Shawn Welch posted a short video showing off a sample iPad app utilizing Adobe’s newly announced Photoshop Touch SDK. While Adobe had already announced several official iPad-companian apps for Photoshop, the opening of the SDK will open the door for 3rd party developers to offer their own tools.

The Photoshop Remote app shows how you can access all active Photoshop installations on your network. The images on the iPad reflect in close-to-realtime the changes made on the running copies of Photoshop on the local network. Images can also be manipulated on the iPad itself.

Photoshop Remote is a heads-up-display for all of the Photoshop CS 5.5 installations on your local network. The dashboard gives you a live thumbnail of each connected client while giving you the ability to perform global actions on all connected clients like saving open images to your iPad photo library, opening the same image on all connected computers, or sending a message to all connected computers. When you drill down to an individual screen, you have even more functionality such as tool selection, color selection, filters, adjustment layers, and more.

This app is expected to be released in May, and there will certainly be others from other 3rd party developers.