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Quick Fix: iPad or iPhone Dropping Wi-Fi Connections

Whether you’ve recently updated to iOS 4.3, or if you just received a new iPad 2, you may have experienced some Wi-Fi connectivity issues on your device that you haven’t run into before.  The days where we could simply adjust our iPad’s brightness in order to resolve network issues should be long behind us.  Apple has published an updated troubleshooting guide that will walk you through the steps to resolving most if not all of your iPad connectivity issues, but the following quick tips should help you get up and running again quickly:

Renew Your Lease

To renew your DHCP lease, open the Settings App and select Wi-Fi.  Choose the configuration for the network you are currently connected to and click on the “Renew Lease” button.  With this solution, all of your existing network settings will remain intact.  There should be no need to re-enter any of your wireless network information at this point.

Forget the Network

If renewing your lease did not solve the issue, try establishing a fresh connection with the wireless network again.  This solution will only remove the network configurations for what is likely the one problem wireless network you are having trouble with.  Open the Settings App and select Wi-Fi once again.  Choose the configuration for the network you are currently connected to and click on the ”Forget this Network” button.  Once completed, you will need to re-configure your wireless network settings for this particular network.

Reset Network Settings

Still having issues?  This time reset all network settings and configurations from all established wireless network connections.  Once you perform this operation, all of your network configurations for all of the wireless networks you have ever joined will be lost.  Open the Settings App and select General > Reset.  From the collection of reset buttons, click on the “Reset Network Settings” button.  Once completed, you will need to re-configure all of your wireless network settings for all networks you need to connect to.
Restart the Device
You may think that restarting the device, being the last resort, is the one remedy that will cure all ills.  In this case, it isn’t true. Simply restarting the device will not clear out the IP address assigned by the DHCP server as the first remedy will do, and it will not remove the network configurations from memory as in the second and third solutions.  Only after releasing and renewing your lease, and removing all network setting from your device will a restart make much difference.  To turn the iPad or iPhone off, press and hold the Sleep/Wake button on the top of the device for a few seconds until the red slider appears, then slide the slider.  To turn it back on again, hold the Sleep/Wake button briefly.
If the above quick tips do not resolve your network issues, and all other devices attached to the problematic wireless network are all behaving just fine, then it may be time to call AppleCare or stop in and speak to an Apple genius.