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QuickShot Is The Camera App Integrated With Dropbox

QuickShot for iPad
QuickShot is the camera app Apple would make if your photo library existed in Dropbox and not iPhoto. It’s designed to be simple and pleasant to use, working in the background to upload photos as you attend to other tasks and will import old favorites from your Camera Roll so they’re shared to the cloud as well. Configure your iPhone’s camera flash, enable geotagging, set focus and exposure, then snap pictures from the front or rear facing camera for scenery or photo-booth style pics. Right from your camera controls, you see your uploads with the tap of a button, and send your photos off to custom locations for sharing. Federico has taken a look at both the iPhone and iPad versions of QuickShot (and it’s all one universal app), and while you may be familiar with its photo snapping abilities, you may wondering about video. To be implemented soon, you’ll be able to record video from your iPad 2 or iPhone 4 and upload the raw file just as you do with photos. HUGE! Whether you’re working in the field or sharing photos on vacation instantly with friends and family, everyone could use a dose of QuickShot for iOS. It’s only $0.99 in the App Store if you can’t wait, but you might want to stick around. We’re going to run a relatively short giveaway so you too can have a wireless library, and you’ll want to hurry past the break to join in.