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Remember more , forget less and keep it private with myPill

myPill as the name suggest is an app that will help women remember and organize their daily intake of birth control pills . If you are a women you can stop worrying about missing a pill again. Though you can find plenty of apps available on the market which will help you achieving your objective but after trying some of the popular apps in this category, we could clearly figure out how organized this simple app keeps you in your busy schedules. The author of the app myPill, Tal Hashai says “The idea for this app came from a real life need. I have several pill taking friends, which use their phone’s alarm to alert every day in a certain hour with concealed reminder message, having to disable it manually when the seven day of break start, redefining it on a new pack.” You start with selecting the date when you started a new pack of pills and some important notes along with it which can be accessed in history section later along with other details of your break which can be done from the Packs screen which also displays a chart of your cycle marking the break days and displays the number of pills used and left in the pack, so always know when you need to get a new pack. Use the finger swipe action to have a look at the cycle in the coming months. The packs screen is designed in a way that it shows your current cycle with pack details but you can also view it in calendar mode with calendar option in the app. The packs screen also lets you add other issues like spotting, bleeding, missed a pill (in case you didn’t have any pills left in your pack) or started a new pack on the same day. The app will always keep you notified with how many pills are left in your pack by displaying the number on the app’s icon, to use this feature you can turn on the “Show app badge” or you can also set it display only when the pack reaches a specific number of pills left in it. Simple but pretty useful to keep a track of your pills and never run out of them. This app has been designed for a wide variety of women’s with different cycles. User can set the number of active days on cycle and automate reminders for those days. The reminders can be set in the settings screen where you set the time of day you want the app to remind you, along with it you can turn on the snooze feature and set the snooze duration. The History tab could be really useful to keep a record of your health; and past events if any could be discussed with your gynaecologist in your next appointment. The app knows why privacy is a concern; therefore it adds features like password protection and custom reminder text. Adding a password will keep all your cycle details secure by not giving any stranger access to the app .The app lets you add a custom message like “put the balls in bag” or “ Just Do it “ or anything of your choice because you don’t want others to figure it out even if they read the message . The apps User interface is easy to use and comes with 3 different themes for your moods. This app simple to use for anyone, at the same time it offers features that you will really love to have .Overall this is a perfect app any girl should have on their iPhone. Screenshots from the app :