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Rokform’s RokLock v3 iPad case and RokShield v3 for iPhone 5

In the quest for the perfect rugged case for iPad and iPhone, we search far and wide for case manufacturers who are doing something different.Rokform sent over a few cases for us to look at; both the RokLock v3 iPad case (US$69) and RokShield v3 iPhone 5 case ($49) feature rugged good looks and a number of mounting accessories. Read on as we take a first look at these two protective cases for your favorite iOS device.

RokShield v3 iPhone 5 Case

The basic case is designed to protect your iPhone 5 well — it has a hard injection molded polycarbonate frame and a elastomer rubber outer bumper to provide a high-level of impact and drop protection. If you decide that you don’t need the extra bulk of the elastomer bumper, it can be easily removed to give you a surprisingly thin case.

Rokform's RokLock v3 iPad case and RokShield v3 for iPhone 5

On the back of the case is an elastomer non-slip grip insert, which not only makes it easy to hold onto the case but also keeps your phone from moving when it’s on a smooth surface. One of the trademark features of the Rokform cases is a circular locking mount that can be used with a variety of optional accessories. An adhesive-backed mount and magnet kit are included with the case, you can also get a bike mount ($69), suction mount ($49), sport clip ($29), Rokmeister clip ($29, can also open beer bottles!), or an extended tripod adapter ($29). Extra adhesive-backed mounting kits can be had for $8, replacement magnet kits are $10 and there’s even a lanyard ($9) for carrying your iPhone 5 in its RokShield case.

Rokform's RokLock v3 iPad case and RokShield v3 for iPhone 5

RokForm also includes a screen protection film with each case, so all of your bases are covered for full protection of your device. The case with the magnet kit installed weighs 1.5 ounces, pulling off the outer bumper reduces the weight to 1.1 ounces, and removing the magnet kit (it just pops out) makes the RokShield a lightweight .9 ounces. That magnet works well if you have a need to temporarily stick your iPhone 5 to a refrigerator or car!

Locking the RokShield onto any of the mounting accessories is a cinch. You just place the back of the case onto the mount and rotate it a few degrees clockwise to lock it in securely; reverse the process to remove it.

The case comes in three different colors at this time; black and gun metal gray, black and blue, and just black. As protective cases go, I was very impressed with the RokShield. I like the idea of an affordable mounting accessory ecosystem to go along with the case, and the basic case is reasonably priced as well.

RokLock v3 iPad Case

If you like the style of the RokShield iPhone case, you’re going to love the RokLock v3 iPad case. It doesn’t have the elastomer rubber outer bumper, but does feature the same thin polycarbonate frame. On the back, instead of just the circular mounting lock and a grippy insert, you’ll find one larger mounting lock and six grippy inserts. Those are handy for keeping your iPad from sliding on a slick, tilted surface or getting knocked off of a table.

Rokform's RokLock v3 iPad case and RokShield v3 for iPhone 5

The remote mounting system (RMS) for the RokLock iPad case comes with a handy feature to make mounting really simple — a magnet. That magnet aligns the back of the case and the mount in seconds, and then you can lock down the iPad with a twist. For mounting on metal surfaces, those six elastomer grip inserts can be replaced with a $29 Maglok kit that provides six rare earth magnets.

Rokform's RokLock v3 iPad case and RokShield v3 for iPhone 5

Other accessories that work with the RokLock iPad case include a $49 suction mount and a $39 tripod adapter. As with the RokShield iPhone case, a screen protector is included.

The case comes in a variety of colors: gun metal gray, pitch black, white hot, translucent aqua, Roksalt (translucent), smoke (translucent bluish gray), and raspberry ice (translucent red).


The Rokform products for iPhone 5 and iPad (2nd – 4th generation) are well designed and are part of a wide ecosystem of mounting options. The RokLock RMS turns mounting an iPad or iPhone on something as easy as a quick twist, and the magnetic alignment feature for the iPad case makes lining up the case and mount something that could be done with your eyes closed.

Rokform's RokLock v3 iPad case and RokShield v3 for iPhone 5


  • Reasonably priced array of mounting accessories
  • Attractively designed
  • Elastomer pads keep the cases from sliding on slick surfaces
  • Remote mounting system locks tight for assured mounting on surfaces
  • Magnetic alignment system on iPad is like magic
  • Made in the USA


  • Design may be not be attractive to everyone

Who are they for?

  • Anyone looking for protection for their iOS device as well as mounting options