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Rokstand V.1 Stands

They’re like the Ritz for iOS devices

It’s not often that we absolutely fall in love with iPhone/iPad stands. Frankly, they’re so utilitarian that there’s not much to set one apart from another. They hold up your device — and that’s about it. Besides, any inanimate object could theoretically handle that challenge, like a sufficiently sized rock or your sleeping cat. But after spending some time with both the desktop and foldable versions of Rokstand, we don’t want anything else propping up our iOS devices.

RokForm hand-assembles its products, fashioning them out of industrial-grade aluminum. The Rokstands are overbuilt to an insane degree for sure, but check out how cool they are! Both the desktop and foldable versions of the Rokstand look like they came out of the latest Transformers movie — only better. In spite of their rugged, industrial aesthetic, they’re a perfect fit for our precious iOS devices.

The desktop version of the Rokstand offers six angles of adjustment and can hold an iPhone or iPad in landscape or portrait mode, which works well for FaceTime, watching movies, or even just syncing and charging. The legs of the stand have rubber feet to keep it in place, and there’s also a slot for your charging cable. The Rokstand even has built-in sound-enhancing ports, which, due to their positioning, work best with the iPhone rather than the iPad.

The portable version of the Rokstand is almost as versatile as its full-size counterpart. It only offers two angle settings, but a spring-loaded push button folds it nearly flat for travel. The adjustment arms pivot on double-sealed 36,000 RPM–rated bearings, which enables a smooth opening and closing mechanism not usually found on cheaper stands.

Of course, it’s up to you to decide if the ultra-high-grade materials are worth dropping well north of $100 on a stand. If it helps, the folding Rokstand also features its larger sibling’s sound-enhancing speaker ports and cable slot, as well as a nifty travel pouch.

The bottom line. Despite the aluminum outfitting, there’s no roughness here. Both the desktop and the folding versions of the Rokstand beautifully blend in with your iOS devices.