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Samsung suit contains new iOS product sales data (108M iPhone, 60M iPod touch, 19M iPads)

Asymco and ThisIsMyNext note that in its complaint about Samsung, Apple produced some never before seen sales numbers which supersede the numbers from the last earnings call and the running total as of the last quarter.  Additionally, Apple hasn’t usually broken out iPod touch as a standalone product, instead focused on the whole iPod product line.  Now we have solid iPod touch sales numbers.
So now we know, as of the writing of this document, Apple has sold 108M iPhone, 60M iPod touch, 19M iPads.  If you include AppleTVs, Apple has sold close to 200 million iOS devices.
Asymco took it  astep further and was able to deduce some of the numbers for the upcoming quarter (not yet closed):
  • Total iPhones sold before Q1: 89,971,000 implying a minimum of 18.1 million sold during the quarter (my estimate is 18.4)
  • Total iPod touch sold before Q1 (estimated): 55.5 million implying a minimum of 4.5 million iPod touch sold during the quarter (my estimate 5 million)
  • Total iPads sold before Q1: 14,789,000 implying a minimum of 4.2 million iPads sold during the quarter (my estimate is 7.3 million).
Interestingly, for the quarter (again not yet closed), Apple would have sold 18.1 million iPhones, 4.5 million iPods touch and 4.3 million iPads.