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Sketchy shot shows ‘iPad mini’ in Taiwan star’s hands

A post by Taiwan celebrity and race driver Jimmy Lin has drawn attention this evening as he showed what appeared to be a small iPad. The photo of a “toy iPad mini” showed what appeared to be an almost literally shrunk 3G iPad with very few changes. While the photo was too small to show whether or not iOS is on the screen, it did show a working device using an interface layout consistent with what Apple uses.

Numerous doubts exist as to the accuracy of the shot. Both Taiwan and mainland China are known for deliberate iPad clones based on Android or Windows CE that in some cases are meant to resemble their Apple counterparts as closely as possible. Apple CEO Steve Jobs has also vocally opposed the concept of a small tablet as sacrificing too much of the user interface and screen area to justify its existence over a smartphone.

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Lin hasn’t elaborated further. Electronista believes the star’s device likely isn’t a real Apple product but is providing coverage both to trace the story and for the sake of the attention it has reportedly been drawing in southeast Asia.