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Square enhances iOS app, debuts Square Register for iPad

Version 2.0 of the Square app has the new virtual shelves feature on iPads
Square, a mobile payment startup founded and led by Twitter’s CEO and co-founder Jack Dorsey, has issued a new version of their iOS app with three interesting features. Certainly the most visible change is the new-look interface which looks particularly business on iPad. The main idea here is to be able to showcase products to your prospective customers on an iPad’s gorgeous 9.7-inch display. You can set up your products on virtual shelves any way you like, add your own graphics, write the accompanying description and so forth.
Another nice-to-have and more screenies below the fold.

The iPhone interface is also slightly subdued for a more professional look
You can now set up, display and sell product variations, which is great for the stuff like black, white and red T-shirts, for example. Version 2.0 of the Square app also looks a lot nicer with its subtly subdued interface on the iPhone, which doesn’t hurt considering you’ll be using the program to charge your customers on the go via the Square credit card dongle for iOS devices. The 16MB update is now live on the App Store.

They also unveiled a new solution that looks to “obsolete the cash register”. It’s a new iPad app called Square Register, basically a glorified point of sale terminal sporting a touch-optimized UI with pretty graphics. The app’s checkout capabilities allow business owners to manage the items they sell, check daily transactions, update pricing, automate checkout, generate digital receipts and more. Customers can pay for items via the new Tabs feature in the Square for iOS and Android apps without ever having to pull cash or credit cards out of their pockets, as well as discover nearby shops, cafes and restaurants advertised via Directory, another new feature.
Business owners can advertise their restaurant menus, prices, daily specials and more on people’s smartphones. And all that jazz comes with the convenience of digital receipts. These new features for end-users must be activated through a text message invitation from Square after making a credit card purchase at one of the fifty currently authorized Square merchants in Los Angeles, New York, Saint Louis, San Francisco and Washington, DC. The free Square Register app will be available for download later today via the iPad App Store.