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Steve Jobs Gets Hemp iPad Case: What did he do with it?

Underwhelmed with Apple’s new smartcover for the iPad, the folks over at Tuff Luv in the U.K. decided they would show Steve Jobs how it’s done.
So they sent him the above case in hemp.
“Knowing Apple’s CEO is a keen vegan we sent him a Chocolate Multi-View case for his Pad 2 in hemp. We packaged this beautiful case off California, but so far we haven’t heard back from Steve yet. We’re sure he’s using it at home.”
The case is made from 100% natural materials, guaranteed “animal free.”
Suitable for the iPad and iPad 2, it’s billed as soft and tactile but hard-wearing and tough, capable of protecting the tablet from life’s little accidents. It costs £34.99, about US$56.
What do you think he’s doing with it?