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Switch Multi-User Web Browser for iPad

Switch lets different people browse the web on a single iPad while keeping their own history, bookmarks and tabs.

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Ever got frustrated because your girlfriend/husband’s sites are open in every tab in Safari? Switch is for you! Each person who uses iPad gets their own user account, so each time you open Switch everything is just how you left it.

There’s even a Guest account for people borrowing iPad for a quick surf. When your friends log out of Switch, or just lock the screen, their browsing history is cleared so they can safely surf without worrying about privacy.

● Share an iPad between the family without getting in each other’s way
● Use a single password to protect your email, facebook and other websites
● Keep your own tabs and bookmarks for faster browsing
● Search your history by typing in the location bar
● Let friends use your iPad without giving them access to your online accounts
● Switch between website logins easily without retyping your password
● Use the guest account for extra privacy when surfing – your history is erased when you close Switch or lock the screen
● Ever get nervous leaving iPad around with your email account logged in? With Switch, everything is protected by one password, automatically enabled when the screen is locked
● Smooth animations and a simple, beautiful interface make Switch a joy to use

You can purchase Switch from the App Store for $4.99.