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Tablet computing is about work as well as play

If you’re using your iPad to watch live TV, do a little motor racing and tune your Chakra in this post-PC era, it turns out you may be in the minority. A report from the NPD group, “Evolving Technology Trends: PC Activities on Non-PC Devices,” looked into exactly how people use their tablet computers.
As explained by NPD’s Ross Rubin (frequent TUAW Talkcast/man-on-the-street guest), the report shows that while more than half of all tablet computer owners used them for “personal productivity” tasks, like editing music and sending email, even more are using them to do office productivity tasks, like word processing and spreadsheets. Only a quarter of smartphone users are into office productivity and just 17 percent personal productivity tasks.
The report also shows that 42 percent of tablet owners are capturing, editing or sharing video on their device and even more are doing the same with photos, figures which can only increase with the addition of the two cameras to the iPad 2. So if you’ve got your Chakra sorted, knuckle down and get back to work.
[via CNET]