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Three new FileMaker Go Starter Solutions debut for mobile users


FileMaker on Tuesday released three new Starter Solutions for FileMaker go for iPhone and iPad. They’re bundled with a free 30-day trial of FileMaker Pro 11.

FileMaker Go enables users to access their FileMaker Pro data while they’re on the road. It’s priced at $20 for the iPhone app and $40 for the iPad app.

The new Starter Solutions offered by FileMaker are pre-designed databases to assist users with common tasks. Available Tuesday are Contacts, which lets you manage personal and business contacts; Documents, which helps you gather and take business documents with you, then synchronize changes using a master database; and Assets, an asset-tracking system that helps you track serial numbers, value lists, purchase dates and calculates depreciation.
All Starter Solutions run on Mac OS X, iOS and Windows; databases can be copied from your desktop to your iOS device through iTunes. All the Starter Solutions can be customized, as well