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TurboTax for iPad just in time for tax season

You may not have thought that doing taxes on your iPad was an option, but turns out it is. TurboTax has released what seems to be a full version of its tax software for the iPad, available on the App Store right now (the app is actually called 2010, but that’s because it’s for your 2010 taxes, not because it’s a year old). The app is a free download and will help calculate your taxes for you (along with any financial tangles you happen to have), though actually filing those taxes will cost you: $29.99 for federal returns, and $36.99 for state returns.
I haven’t used the software (being a freelancer, I’ve got quite a few more complications, and I usually hook up the services of someone more qualified than I am), but if you’ve just got a simple form from one company and would rather enter the numbers from a couch, the iPad app should come in handy.
If you’d rather do your taxes from the iPhone, TurboTax also offers a Snaptax app that will put them together with just a snap of your W-2 form. Again, there are limits on what it can handle (no dependents, and no home or real estate ownership), but if you just want to put the numbers in and get that return back, check it out.
Editor’s note: Many other solutions for e-filing your U.S. taxes exist, and unlike TurboTax, quite a few of them are free of charge. The IRS itself provides a list of free tax filing services on its website. These alternatives may not be as geek chic as TurboTax’s iPad app, but at least they won’t hassle you for money just to file your tax return.
[via Doc Rock]