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Upscale iPad 2 case shows smaller design, reaffirms earlier findings

M.I.C. Gadget has gotten their hands on a leather iPad 2 case that has reportedly been testing against an actual iPad 2, not a mold, mockup, or prototype. Above is a video of their hands-on with the case. The case is not only the first upscale, leather one we have seen but does present a couple new pieces of information about the iPad 2′s design. The camera hole present on this new case not only reaffirms our SDK findings that the iPad 2 will include a back camera, but does show the lens to be roughly the same size as the iPhone 4′s. This does not really mean the iPad 2 will have the same camera as the iPhone 4, though.
Even more interesting, this new case shows that the iPad 2 could potentially have a slightly smaller design. This goes well with our iPad 2 screen protectors that show a slightly narrower design for the device. This case also reaffirms what we have heard about the iPad 2′s design thus far. It shows tapered edges, a flat back, and space for what many have determined as a larger speaker grill.
Perhaps the most interesting piece of information from the report is that 120,000 of these cases have been shipped to the United States for sale by a “famous case company.” We think a “famous” case company would only order 120,000 pieces if they were 100% confident in the designs. Check out some of the case company’s promotional images of the case, after the break, to get a feel for the iPad 2′s tapered design.