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Used iPads selling well on eBay and Gazelle

If online sales of the original iPad are any indication, then the iPad 2 may be a big seller for Apple when it launches later this week. eBay officials told the NYT’s Bits blog that offers for the original iPad on the Instant Sale section of its website has skyrocketed to 15,931 since the announcement on March 2. Thousands of these offers appeared within the first few hours after the Apple event. This number eclipses the 1,500 offers for non-Apple tablets which have been received over the past few months.
Used electronics company Gazelle is also reporting brisk trading of the original iPad. Gazelle purchases used devices from customers who send in their device and receive cash in return. Since the iPad 2 announcement last week, Gazelle has accepted 7,000 iPads. Over 2,000 of thee iPads were processed during the hours following Steve Jobs’ announcement. Kristina Kennedy, a spokesperson for Gazelle, confirmed the company has paid out over $2 million for iPads in the last week alone.
Can you guess which iPad model is the most popular? According to Gazelle, the 16 GB WiFi model is the most popular model being accepted by the electronics trade-in company. Prices for the iPad are reasonable with Gazelle paying $240 for a good condition 16 GB WiFi model. The same model is selling for about $305 on eBay’s Instant Sale section.