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Verizon Retail Stores Selling First-Generation Wi-Fi iPads for $299.99-$499.99

As noted by The APPera and backed up by reports from our readers, Verizon’s corporate-owned retail stores are unloading the last of their stocks of the first-generation iPad with bargain basement prices beginning at $299.99 for the 16 GB model. The 32 GB model comes in at $399.99 with the 64 GB model at $499.99. We’ve heard that stores are quickly selling through their stock at these prices and so availability may be spotty and customers should be sure that they visit corporate-owned stores for the special pricing as independent Verizon stores are not participating in the offer.

Verizon stores began selling the first-generation Wi-Fi iPad in late October, typically bundling the device with a MiFi mobile hotspot but also offering iPads on their own with no MiFi or data service required. With the launch of the second-generation iPad, Apple now offers CDMA models directly compatible with Verizon’s network.

Late last week, AT&T slashed prices on 3G-capable first-generation iPads to $429-$629 with the carrier’s online store dropping the 64 GB model even further to $529. As of this writing, AT&T’s online store only has availability of 64 GB models at the $529 price point.