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Walmart Gives Man A Fake iPad

An Atlanta man is filing a lawsuit against his local Walmart store over an iPad he purchased, and turned out to be fake. The iPad, which you can see in the video above, presents the typical aluminum case with Apple logo, however it’s got fake glass on the front (I don’t even know if that’s glass at all) and a paper homescreen below it. It’s a store display unit that definitely shouldn’t have ended up into a retail box.
For this reason, the man is suing Walmart but the retail chain is blaming Apple as, apparently, they’re the ones who handle operations with store demo units and actual devices. Some speculate a customer bought a real iPad, swapped it with the fake and returned it to Walmart. But then again, how come employees didn’t notice that? Anyway, Walmart is refusing to give the man a refund over the fake iPad he got, and can’t use in any way