iPad News

What was MIA from the big iPad announcements today?

Pretty exciting stuff at the Yerba Buena Center. From where I sit the new iPad is a substantial, but not groundbreaking upgrade. I do think it has created some unpleasant drama for the Android and unshipped Blackberry tablets.
On the other hand, life is not all about fawning over every move Apple makes (despite what it feels like some days). As I step outside the reality distortion field, there were some things I wanted to see Apple include.
More storage: We’ve seen the iPhone storage increase over time while prices stayed the same. The iPad is sitting at the same configurations at the same price. It would have been nice to see the 16 GB iPad dropped, with the 32 GB at the lower price point.
Screen: I didn’t expect the screen resolution to increase. That would have jacked the price up, and Apple surely didn’t want to do that… but a non-glare screen option would have been awfully nice. Using the iPad outside or in a room with a lot of windows is no picnic.
On the other hand: The world is moving toward wider aspect ratio screens. Would have been nice to see the iPad get with the program there and drop the 4×3 screen. Hopefully iPad 3, even though that could create substantial hassles for application developers.
VGA camera for FaceTime: OK in a phone, but with the bigger iPad screen something with a better spec would have been nice.
iOS 4.3: Some cool updates there, especially the AirPlay and Safari enhancements. Still, I think notifications on iOS devices are a bag of hurt that interrupt your workflow. This is something Google got right on Android. Oh well, maybe in iOS 5.
Same with mail: I get tired of exiting whatever I’m doing when mail comes in. Lately I’ve been keeping my iPhone nearby so I don’t have to keep changing focus. At times, iOS 4 feels like an app switcher rather than a full-blown OS. Apple…. rescue us.
OK, just a few complaints. The new iPad is going to be a runaway hit. With no pre-orders there will be lines at Apple and other retailers. Apple surely doesn’t want to repeat the sparse attendance for the Verizon iPhone launch.
I’ll probably see a lot of you in line, but how are our readers feeling today? Was stuff Apple left out a deal breaker for you? What did you want to see that didn’t make the cut? Or are you gladly going with the iPad 2?