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Wüdskin is a Kickstarter-sponsored bamboo and aluminum iPad case

We’ve talked about Kickstarter here before — it’s a site that allows people to try and raise money for ideas or projects that they’re working on. And there’s an iPad-related project that’s being funded right now. The Wüdskin is a protective iPad case made out of bamboo and aluminum that’s a little bulky, but pretty striking anyway. It definitely looks sturdy. There’s a hinge on it that also works as a stand, and the hinge is the same that’s used in some laptop screens, so it’s both durable and well-designed.

I like it — I wouldn’t necessarily use it around the house, but if I was bringing the iPad on a trip, I would definitely use it for protection. You have to contribute at least $150 to the Kickstarter project to pick up an actual case yourself, but if you do so, not only do you get the “discount” (no word on how much it will cost once it’s finished), but you’ll get a t-shirt, engraved bamboo plaque, and mentioned on the website as a supporter as well.

Unfortunately, the project has only raised about 1/10 of the $10,000 it’s trying to put together by next month, so it may not get funded at all. But if you’re interested in the Wüdskin, you can make a donation right now.