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Advent, the $1,500 iPhone 6s case

Advent Gray iPhone 6 case
The Advent iPhone 6 case makes the phone it holds look like cheap garbage.
Photo: Gray International
Are you in the market for an iPhone 6 case that makes the money you spend on the phone itself look like pocket change? A limited-edition accessory can help you make that dream come true.The Advent comes courtesy of Gray International, and it looks like every cent of its $1,500 price point. And that’s probably because it bears more than a passing resemblance to the billion-dollar stealth bomber.Check out the fancy case in all of its overly dramatic glory in the promotional video below.

Gray made a limited run of 100 units of the Advent, probably because that’s how many people the company could reasonably assume would shell out the cost of 429 gallons of milk to protect their iPhones.

The Advent is made of Aerospace Grade 5 titanium, which is typically found in aircraft turbines and engine components, and Gray promises that this will keep your iPhone 6 or 6s from bending. As well it should.

“Due to its complex, multi-faceted design, each case requires days of precision machining at our high-tech facility to perfect its finish and quality,” Gray says. So that’s part of where your money goes.

The case attaches to your iPhone from the sides and goes over a rubber under-layer, which Gray claims will keep the metal from interfering with your phone signal. The whole thing holds together with friction alone, so you won’t have any unsightly screws or pins marring up the case’s angular and “futuristic” appearance.

We aren’t sure what else to say about the Advent, but here’s some bonus crazy: The box it comes in is made of aerospace-grade aluminum, presumably because cardboard is for poor people. We don’t know what you do with the fancy box once you slap the Advent onto your phone, but perhaps the packing material comes out, and you could use it as a convenient place to store your Ghurka cigars or those uncut diamonds that refuse to fit in your dedicated diamond case.

We actually think that the Advent is kind of ugly, but we’re notoriously unsophisticated around here.