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dbportal Welcomes You..

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dbar themes now have a portal, a dbarteam exclusive forum, at dbportal

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The successful hosting of xSeLLiZe to the dbar themes paved the way to creation of its own home. The 4 threads at Xsellize and over 4000 posts in 4 months show the dbar themes are here to stay. We call the dbar theme, the minimal theme with endless possibilities, the simple theme with full functionality and a theme that could be all YOU.See all the dbar themes of Patrese, original creator of dbar, and the wonderful creations of Kleinmone (Mone) the lady with the best dbar mods plus a host of new mods from various themers at the dbportal. Currently we have over 300 dbar themes, on iOS3, iOS4 and iPhone4. At the site you get the themes, the support plus a chat room at moofspeak channel #dbar.All themers and non-themers are welcome.Oh almost forgot, all dbar themes are FREE :)