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Review: Energizer Qi Wireless induction charger for iPhone and other wireless devices

I’ve been using the Energizer Qi wireless induction charger for iPhone for the past few weeks and think it might deserve a place in our household.  The concept is pretty straightforward.  You put a protective jacket over the iPhone which also serves as a receptor for the induction charge.  Instead of plugging in a 30-pin adapter to your iPhone every time you want to charge it, you just plot it down on its Qi-spot.

I should also note that touching the charger points with fingers (even with metal rings) is safe.  The Energizer Qi retails at Amazon and Target for $89 and should be hitting stores in about 2 weeks.  The rubberized case for the iPhone is an additional $35.
Competitors include the poorly rated Powermat and the Duracell MyGrid which also scores low.