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Supplement Your iPhone 4′s LED Flash With iFlash

The iPhone 4 integrates an LED flash into the 5MP camera’s lens, but it’s neither big nor particularly bright. Enter the iFlash, a little dongle that snaps onto your iPhone’s Dock Connector and triggers when you take a picture.
Except to what end? The idea here is to supplement your iPhone 4′s LED flash with something beefier, like the way you can buy an external flash for an SLR camera. The problem is that those latter types of strobe have a lot more capability than the iFlash, not least of which is the ability to bounce the flash off of a wall or a ceiling, resulting in a more natural shot.

iPad 2 200x200

If you’re taking a picture with your iPhone 4 and the built-in flash isn’t resulting in an attractive image, the iFlash isn’t likely to improve matters. If you really just want to turn every single person at the dance club into a pale-skinned, red-eyed vampire next time you’re out, though, the iFlash is attainable for £19.99.
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