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The Hasbro My3D is out, but the AP says stick with 2D for now

The Associated Press has gotten a hands-on look at the Hasbro My3D, the 3D-goggle accessory for the iPhone that the toy company originally announced in November.
The final price of the device is $35, but as AP points out, it’s more of a curiosity rather than a device someone will use for the long run — much like its predecessors, the stereoscope and the View-Master. After purchasing the My3D, you can download free — for now — apps that can be used with the device. Some of them, such as Sharks, require an iPhone 4, since the My3D takes advantage of the gyroscope. The AP does confirm that the 3D images are side-by-side stereoscopic images, which the reporter says looked a bit pixelated on her iPhone 3GS.
For now, the review suggests to save the $35 and spend it elsewhere. But, if you’re really clamoring for a Hasbro My3D, they are a Target exclusive until June.