How To Use WhatsApp Web Client With iPhone

WhatsApp Web Client still remains to be a service found supported on the Android. However, if you have a iPhone which is jailbroken, this new jailbreak tweak should help you jump into the web client service.

WhatsApp Web Client is truly a convenient way to let users chat with their friends from the comfort of their computer, complete with support for image, video and audio file transfers. What makes it even better is the ease of setting the service up in your Internet browser, and the instantaneous notification alerts as they’re received on your phone.


WhatsApp Web Enabler is a jailbreak tweak for the iPhone that – as can be guessed by the name itself – enables WhatsApp’s Web Client service on the iOS platform.

So how does this work?

With the tweak installed, users should be able to see a ‘WhatsApp Web’ button added to the Settings menu of your favorite mobile chat client. Here onwards, the trick is pretty simple; just like as seen on Android and BB 10, users will need to head over to ‘’ and then scan the QR code displayed on the webpage, after tapping the ‘WhatsApp Web’ button in the WhatsApp app.

The developer has included the ability to disable or enable the tweak from within the Settings app on your iPhone, and has also updated the tweak to include some bug fixes which were bothering quite a few users in the first release.


Official support for WhatsApp Web Client should ultimately reach iOS, but apparently Apple, which has always been concerned with security protocols in almost all implementations of new services, is taking its time to look into this.


WhatsApp Web Enabler is available for free from the BigBoss repository in Cydia. The tweak supports iOS 4 till iOS 8.x on iPhone.