Which 2013 smartphone is the best for gaming?

Although the overwhelming majority of smartphones in the shops use Android rather than iOS, the various incarnations of the iPad have still tended to be viewed as the best phones for gaming. Mainly because the Apple App Store still offers a better choice of role-playing, action and adventure games to users than the Play Store can for those using Android phones. Android users do not always lose out this way, as online casino sites generally offer mobile casino slots, poker and other casino games for both operating systems, but it is still a drawback that Android smartphones have to offset in other ways. One such phone from 2013 which seems to achieve this is the Xolo Play T1000.

This phone is competing with the iPhone 5S, and the specs certainly favour it in several areas, when it comes to the gaming experience. To start with, the screen is significantly larger (4.7 inches rather than 4 on the 5S) and given the importance of the visual element in gaming, there is no point pretending that this doesn’t make a difference. Both the Xolo Play and the iPad 5S offer impressive levels of image resolution (720 x 1280 for the former and 640 x 136 for the latter), but again the Xolo comes out on top. Thus if you choose to play casino, role playing or adventure games on this phone you will get bigger, clearer images, at a time when all games are increasing in graphics quality and detail.

The Xolo also offers the jackpot quad-core Tesla 3 processor by Nvidia which was created with games in mind, and which the 1.3 GHz dual-core iPad 5S one cannot match. The Apple phone does also have the new system on chip A7 processor as support however, and it also scores over the Xolo in being lighter and smaller. It weighs 112 grams compared to 167 for the Xolo, and this can be important when you are gaming over longer spells, which the likes of RPGs and casino games like poker at sites like often require you to do. Overall the Xolo Play T1000 probably edges it on the specs, but the iPad 5S still has the best choice of games apps.