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5 Ways You iPhone Can Easily Be Stolen

“Apple Thefts Account For 1 In 7 New York City Crimes”

“In the early hours of Japan’s iPhone 5 release, thieves ran off with 191 phones awaiting customers at three different Apple retailers”

Do you own any Apple products? Do you ever look at your phone while waiting for the train? Or use the white Apple headphones?

Did you know that doing these things make you an easy target for thieves?

Keep reading for common techniques thieves use to steal iPhones so you don’t become a victim.



Thieves love targeting people at bus stops and train stations. The reason is that people tend to use their phones while waiting for the train or bus. Keeping your head down texting or partially blocking your view by holding the phone up to your head will make it very easy for a thief to grab and run away. Buses or trains arriving and leaving stops or stations are also when thieves like to steal cell phones. Bus and train doors are closing which may leave you trapped and unable to chase a thief that just ran away with your cell phone. There are also large crowds of people for thieves to get lost in after taking a cell phone. Finally, thieves can pickpocket an iPhone from people riding the bus or subway. Keeping your phone in your back pocket makes it easier for them to pickpocket. Keep it in your front pocket or a backpack/purse that zippers shut.


The rule applies universally since thieves use it to commit different types of crimes. Watches don’t appear to be as common as cell phones these days. The way most people tell time is from their cell phones. A good excuse for a thief to approach you is by asking “Do you know what time it is?”

This is very dangerous for three reasons:

  1. Whether you use your watch or cell phone, you’re looking down at them. This small distraction is all a thief needs to push you, hit you, take your phone, etc.
  2. Asking for the time will cause most people to take out their cell phones. The thief can easily grab the phone from your hands and run away. It also invites the thief to see what type of cell phone you have. iPhones are very popular and a thief wouldn’t have to ask more than three or four people for the time before someone pulled their iPhone out to check.
  3. It’s generally easier for a thief to rob someone standing still rather than someone that’s moving. Asking for the time will usually stop someone that’s walking. As the person stops to look at their watch or cell phone, the thief can continue getting closer to them without appearing suspicious. Don’t stop walking if someone asks you for the time, a cigarette, change, etc


Keep these things in mind when walking down the street…

Keep these things in mind when walking down the street…

  • Don’t stop walking if someone asks for something (especially if they’re behind you)
  • Keep your head up at all times
  • Don’t take out your cell phone to check the time (or look down at your watch)
  • Guess what time it is or say “I don’t know


Thieves know what the new Apple headphones look like.

This presents a problem because you’re advertising the fact that you have an iPhone 5 even if you have it in your pocket, purse or in a case. You can buy better quality headphones online that won’t attract unwanted attention. These Sony headphones serve as an iPhone headset with a built-in iPod remote control. Also, be careful about using the new headphones on any of your Apple devices. You might make thieves believe you have an iPhone 5 instead of the iPhone 4, iPad, iPod you’re actually using.



Having a case for your iPhone is a good idea any way since the screen breaks if you look at it the wrong way. Cases are very helpful in disguising your phone. Thieves will have a hard time telling new and old iPhones apart if they’re in cases.

This may deter thieves by having them believe you have an old iPhone.



Don’t leave any of your Apple products in your car. Moreover, don’t leave signs that you might have an Apple product in your car. This includes iPhone chargers, iPhone docks, Apple headphones, Apple shopping bags or boxes. Car alarms don’t always go off when a window breaks so it’s easy for a thief to look through your car and walk away before anyone notices.


You should setup this application immediately after buying an iPhone. It allows you to locate your phone on a map, ring for two minutes, lock your device or wipe your device. Police around the world use this application to track and arrest iPhone thieves.


Much like you would go to the ocean if you wanted a lot of water, thieves go to Apple stores if they want to steal iPhones. Thieves notice people carrying bags or boxes with the Apple logo on them. Thieves would love to steal apple products that:

  • Haven’t been activated yet
  • Don’t have cracked screens
  • Are still brand new in the box

Take precautions after buying something from the Apple store by putting it in another bag or taking the item out of the box.



Granted, there are ways to wipe or reset iPhones with passcodes on them. While passcodes may not stop thieves, they will delay them. This will help since thieves may not be able to sell the phone with an unknown passcode right away. Delaying them in turning the phone off so it can’t be tracked will make a big difference. It may also prevent them from making unauthorized phone calls, iTunes purchases, and looking at your email, pictures, contacts, etc.


Having a passcode may help the police later on.

Having a passcode may help the police later on. If they stop someone with an iPhone, they might ask them to unlock the phone to prove it belongs to them.



Buying insurance that covers loss and theft is definitely a good idea.

Keep in mind, neither of Apples warranty or insurance plans offer loss or theft coverage.

Keep in mind, neither of Apples warranty or insurance plans offer loss or theft coverage. AT&T and Verizon currently offer loss and theft coverage. Third-party insurance companies like Worth Ave. Group and Protect your Bubble also offer loss and theft coverage.


Remember to pick your head up and look around whenever you’re waiting for a bus or a train.

Don’t think you won’t be targeted because you have an old iPhone, iPod, iPod Touch, etc.

Don’t think you won’t be targeted because you have an old iPhone, iPod, iPod Touch, etc. Thieves aren’t always picky when it comes to stealing and they might mistake your old iPhone for an iPhone 5.