iPad 2 News

70 percent of iPad 2 buyers are new customers

Did you buy an iPad 2 at launch? Is this your first iPad? If you answered yes to both those questions, then you are similar to most people buying the iPad 2 according to Piper Jaffray analysts. Results from an informal survey of 236 people waiting in line suggests 70% of those customers purchasing the iPad 2 were first-time iPad buyers. This group of consumers bypassed the first generation model and waited for the new and improved version to hit retail shelves.

The survey also revealed about 41% of those buying an iPad 2 opted for the 32 GB model, a figure that is higher than the 32% reported for the original 32 GB iPad. The 64 GB model and the 3G models also gained in popularity, a trend that suggests the iPad 2 will have a higher average selling price than the iPad.
Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster estimates Apple sold about 500,000 iPad 2 units over the weekend. iPad 2s are reportedly hard to find in retail stores and the estimated ship dates from Apple’s online store are now three to four weeks. Based on these early iPad 2 sales, Munster considers his projection of 5.5 million units sold in the March quarter to be on the conservative side.