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Alfred 0.9 Updates Adds Global Hotkeys, Much More

Alfred 0.9 update
Keyboard launcher Alfred just got updated to 0.9, and there’s a lot of lovely stuff included.
Most of the new features are for users of the optional paid-for Powerpack, but there’s some nice bits for free users too.
You can now assign Alfred shortcuts to almost anything on your Mac, be it an application, a file, or a script. These shortcuts will work everywhere, and you don’t even need to open the Alfred input window first.
This is very powerful stuff. If you know a bit of scripting, you can start to bend Alfred to your will in all sorts of new ways. If you don’t know how to write scripts, keep an eye on the Alfred Tips blog or on pages like this one, where you can pick up all sorts of goodies for free.
There are some new system commands too, like the ability to hide, quit, or force quit apps from inside Alfred.
When I first started using Alfred, all I did was launch apps with it. With each incremental update I’ve added a few more tricks and tweaks, and now, thanks to various built-in System and iTunes controls, as well as the wonders of custom searches, I’m using it for much much more.
The basic Alfred is free, and a Powerpack license costs £12 (about $20).