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Amazon’s lying and running iPhone 5 ads on Google

facepalm amazon iphone 5 Amazons lying and running iPhone 5 ads on Google
Advertising based on keywords around the internet isn’t exactly huge news. But when a massive online retailer, and respectable company, starts paying for iPhone 5 advertisements well before an official announcement from Apple they loose a little bit of credibility in our eyes.
Amazon has apparently begun advertising discounted iPhone 5s with free shipping on Google’s AdWords platform. Oh, but it doesn’t end there, the advertisement takes you to an iPhone 4 listing.  Way to stay classy Amazon.
Yup, Amazon’s hocking iPhone 4s as iPhone 5s on Google to cash in on people looking for information on the iPhone 5. Listen, we get that marketing products is difficult, but blatantly lying to prospective consumers for page views is pretty disgusting. It’s being reported that about 1.5 million iPhone 5  searches a day occur on Google, so it’s not surprising that someone’s trying to cash in on the numbers. It is surprising however that a company of Amazon’s stature is leading the way.
What gives Amazon? Are you guys completely fine with lying to your customers? It sure looks like you are.
Article Via NBC Bay Area