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Android can now AirPlay to AppleTV, Airport Express

DoubleTwist software advertised as “the iTunes for Android” in most recent update added support for Apple’s open AirPlay media streaming technology. This allows Android owners who use the free DoubleTwist smartphone app to wirelessly beam music, movies and photos to the Apple TV, in addition to compatible Sonos hardware. The life without wires, according to the developer, is a breeze with this app:
Wirelessly sync your iTunes playlists, photos and videos with your Android phone using your home WiFi network.

The AirPlay functionality requires the purchase of a five bucks AirSync add-on that also enables wireless streaming to DLNA and uPnP devices like the Xbox 360, some digital media players and so forth, reports our sister site

And if you don’t own an Apple TV, you can download the AirServer app that turns your Mac into an AirPlay-compliant receiver that can render audio, video and photo streams from iOS devices on your computer. The desktop DoubleTwist app is a free download for Windows and Mac OS X.