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EaseUS MobiSaver for iphone data recovery

Apple can be regarded as the pioneer of the smart devices but still, it is unable to resolve issues that come with the data deletion. One of the recent updates of Apple iPhone has introduced the option of deleted photos in which we can recover the photos if they have bot been removed from the deleted photo folder. However, the other data is still at the risk.

Most of the iPhone users are looking for the ways that will help them to recover they lost data. EaseUS MobiSaver Free is the best solution that they can utilize.

EaseUS MobiSaver Free

It is professional and easy to use iPhone data recovery software. It has been developed with the latest technology to ensure that the iPhone users can recover all types of data from their device. Regardless of the cause of the data loss, the EaseUS MobiSaver Free will be always at your service.


Some of the amazing features that you will come across in the EaseUS MobiSaver Free iPhone data recovery are:

  • It is most powerful iPhone data recovery tool that will solve all the data loss issues
  • The iPhone data recovery software is free to use
  • It will help you in recovering more than 16 files of different types including photos, messages, documents, videos etc.
  • You can retrieve the data using any method that you prefer
  • EaseUS MobiSaver Free is compatible will all types of iPhone models

The 3 step recovery

The best thing about the iPhone data recovery software is that it will help you to quickly remove the files. It means that your time will not be wasted and no one will know what happened. In order to recover the files, you have o use the following three steps.


Install the EaseUS MobiSaver Free in your laptop or computer. Then connect the device to the PC to begin the procedure of data recovery.

2-Scan and Search

Now you can scan the files that you would like to be recovered. There are two different scan options available.

  • Quick scan
  • Deep scan

Select the one you find more appropriates. Once you see that your files are present in the search results, you can stop the scan to recover them.


Preview the results and select all the files that you want to recover. Now you can export the data and save it again on your device for further use.

Bottom line

The EaseUS MobiSaver Free has given the dream of data recovery a reality. In this quickly growing world, we prefer to all our data stored in the most compact device. So nothing is better than the smartphones. However, it is hard to prevent the data deletion.

EaseUS MobiSaver Free is the technological software that will safely recover all the files. It has been developed with the latest codes and it is regularly updated to ensure that your device will be protected against viral and hacker attack.