Apple accused of violating patented Wi-Fi antenna designs

The latest in a seemingly endless stream of patent lawsuits against Apple and other computer manufacturers has been filed in the U.S. District Court for the District of Delaware. This time, the plaintiff is a company named Linex Technologies, which has filed suit against Apple, HP, and several other companies that manufacture Wi-Fi products. Linex also filed a complaint with the International Trade Commission, asking for a ban on imports of products which it believes infringe on patents held by the company.

Linex holds patents dealing with many wireless technologies and licenses those patents to manufacturers. The complaint targets Apple for allegedly violating a pair of patents related to the design and construction of Wi-Fi antennas. Not all Apple products are included in the lawsuit, but every MacBook model, the AirPort Extreme, and Time Capsule are cited as infringing on patents held by Linex technologies.

The plaintiff is asking the court to cease the sale of these products, as well as seeking damages for violation of the patents. This should be a fascinating lawsuit to watch as it unfolds. Apple and HP (which Linex alleges is violating the patents with Wi-Fi antennas in many PCs, servers, and the MediaSmart LCD HDTV) will be fighting this lawsuit with all their might as it affects many of their key product lines.