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Apple allows custom iPhone ringtone makers into the App Store

Best Ringtone Maker for iPhone
Custom ringtone makers for the iPhone are the latest group of of apps to suddenly gain approval for the App Store. This correlates directly with Apple’s recent changes to their App Store policies, allowing 3rd party Google Voice apps and other apps that Apple had previously banned or rejected from their mobile app marketplace, or simply left in limbo. Techcrunch reports:
Since the early days of the App Store, applications that allow users to make ringtones from songs on their handsets have either inexplicably sat on hold or were outright denied. And yet, here we are; as of right now, there are no less than 5 different ringtone making apps sitting in the App Store.
Another segment of apps that Apple has confirmed does not directly compete with their own app and service offerings has been revealed. I wonder what types of apps we may see pop up next that weren’t previously allowed?
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