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Apple banned sales of Meizu M8, factory to close

Meizu M8 is the strongest iPhone wannabe in China. It has been mimicking the iPhone’s design and features since way back in 2007 and today Meizu is announcing they are stopping sales and shutting down production lines for their M8 smartphone this month. We will no longer see this wonderful M8, and Meizu CEO Jack Wong has something to say:
Apple requested that we cease manufacturing the M8 this month, we agreed but then [Apple] came back and asked for a sales ban instead. I can cope with a production freeze, but not with having our shops closed and thus not being able to use up our inventory. If Apple and the provincial IPO take another insatiable step, I can only go head to head against them.
Why the ban on Meizu M8? Well, Apple has already contacted China’s Intellectual Property department claiming that the M8 “looked too similar” to the iPhone, and Jack Wong must agree to Apple’s terms to stop producing the device in light of a potential lawsuit and factory closure.