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Apple In-App Subscriptions Could Cause Financial Times to Look ‘Somewhere Else’

Apple’s new In-App Subscriptions policy is disturbing to many publishers; the latest being the Financial Times who says they may look ‘somewhere else’ to get the customer data they need.

Chief Executive Marjorie Scardino argues that as competition increases publishers will no longer have to cave-in to Apple’s demands, according to a Guardian report.

“It is unclear how their proposal is going to work, we are still talking to them,” said Scardino. “The important thing to remember is there are many, many tablets coming out and multiple devices … [from] Kindle to mobiles. If indeed Apple are not happy to give us customer data then maybe we will get it somewhere else.”

Recently it was reported that U.S. antitrust enforcers have begun looking at Apple’s policy which forces content providers to use in-app purchases to sell their subscriptions.