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Apple iPhone App: Recall helps you remember that recommendation

Recall is an app that we were shown at WWDC last year, and it actually came out on the App Store last month, in a US-only release. But this week, the company behind the app has released it to a worldwide audience, and it’s available now to everyone for a launch price of 99 cents.

The idea behind the app is a simple one: It’s an app that helps you remember various recommendations for media that people give to you, sort of like a to-do list for listening to music, watching movies, or reading books. As you can see in the video below, you simply click a button to add a book, movie, or a CD, and then the app provides you with all sorts of links and information based on that piece of media, as well as an option to remind you of that recommendation at a later point in time. The app’s super simple and very well-designed — it wisely gets right out of your way and lets you use it as needed without a lot of bother.

It’s currently available at a launch price of just 99 cents, and that’s worth the buy. Some may scoff at this a bit — perhaps you don’t really need a whole app just to remember what books or movies you want to look at later. But I find it pretty useful, especially when I sit down on movie night and can’t think of the last five movies friends have told me I should watch. Recall’s a simple service that can help a lot with that very specific problem.