Apple Is Hiring A Media Engine Guru To Stream From The iCloud

A new job listing on Apple’s website reveals the company is in search of a media engine guru who may help the company kickstart its cloud-based media streaming service dubbed iCloud.
The listing is for a ‘Media Streaming Engineer Manager’ based in Santa Clara Valley who will help develop the media streaming engine for Apple’s iOS, Mac OS X and Windows products. While there is no mention of the service in the listing, it is believed the successful candidate will help Apple launch iCloud – a cloud-based service for storing and streaming content to internet-connected devices.
The listing calls for a person with “seasoned management experience” and “an excellent conceptual understanding and working knowledge of media system and networking technologies,” who will work with the Interactive Media Group – the team that handles local media playback, video on demand, and live streaming of multimedia content. Technologies that are already built into Apple products such as iTunes, Safari and Quicktime.
Reports so far have claimed that at least two major record labels have already signed deals with Apple to allow their content to be streamed with the new service, however, if Apple is still looking for experts to get the service off the ground it could be a while before we see iCloud launch. I for one hope that’s not the case.