Apple Is Taking All Of Android’s Ad Money

Despite Google’s position as one of the biggest advertising companies on earth, if you’re a company looking to promote your product, buying ads for an Android device is a pretty dicy proposition when you could buy them on an iOS device instead.
Although Apple’s iOS devices have just 28 percent of the market, the Cupertino, Calif. company is raking-in 50 percent of mobile ad dollars, finds new research. Android with 53 percent of the Smartphone market attracts only 39 percent of mobile advertising, according to mobile ad network Millennial Media.
A similar disparity appeared earlier this year when researchers at Canalys reported Apple’s handset brought 51 percent of cell phone profits, despite the company holding just 4.2 percent of the market.
More evidence that Apple is eating Google’s mobile advertising lunch came earlier this week, when analyst Peter Misek reported little interest in Android-based tablets. Indeed, the iPad handily leads all Android-based tablets at least through 2014.
This is another instance of a company creating, then owning a valuable niche. Not only did Apple supercharge the slumbering tablet computing sector, the Cupertino, Calif. firm dominates the landscape, providing little breathing room for rivals.