Apple launches Apple Support Communities with question asking, tracked responses

Apple took their support discussions website down this morning and now it is back up. It’s not back up as support discussions, though. Apple has finally replaced their aging support discussions board website with Apple Support Communities. Products and services from Apple are now arranged by “community.” If you have questions, answers, or issues with a particular device, service, or anything Apple just find the related community and start doing whatever you came to do.
Within each community is a set of responses akin to those in Apple’s old discussion forums. Instead, now, there is a quick answer feature that lets you quickly reply to any post. Additionally, you will recieve any email when your topic is replied to (if you wish). Users will also be able to assign responses as “correct answers” – similar to what Yahoo Answers offers.
Tracked responses are now also present and this makes it easy to keep track of all replies directed to your issue/community post. Apple Support Discussions also includes a widgets feature that allows you to create a personalized community homepage. You can organize tabs where you like them. Widgets include: popular tags, newest members, popular discussions, unanswered questions, announcements, communities, places, and more.