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Apple May Have Canceled the White iPhone 4

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Apple may have canceled the white iPhone 4 altogether, according to a new report from BGR.

According to a previous source of ours, we have been told that Apple in fact has no plans to release the white model iPhone 4. Our source hypothesizes another “delay” communicated around March leading us into an iPhone 5 release time-frame in June / July. Something interesting is that manufacturing sources our contact has are keeping quiet on the matter, not confirming that this was in fact a manufacturing issue at this point, but that there might be something else going on behind the scenes.

Apple announced yesterday that the device would not be available until spring 2011.

  • Huang Chia Ming

    I currently carrying an IP4 with have a transparent front and back panel casing

  • Wow… how was it? nice isn’t it? 

  • Fantastic and unique!! Makes the phone look very sexy

  • here is the photo :

  • Was just about to ask you post some pictures and show us! WOW! It’s really impressive! hahaha. How much and where did you get them?

  • Huang Chia Ming

    The both front and back panels i got them in Singapore for S$130, from iMobile Accesories in Sim Lim Square. 

  • SGD 130… it’s not cheap! Not as what I expected!