Apple negotiating unlimited song downloads/permanent music backups for iTunes?

According to Bloomberg, Apple is currently in negotiations with major music labels regarding some major enhancements they are planning to bring to iTunes by mid-2011. These enhancements are said to focus around an “unlimited” download approach so users can instantly re-download lost or damaged music titles.
The potential changes, that Apple is working on with Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, Warner Music Group Corp., and EMI Group Ltd, would also allows users to re-download songs, on the same Apple ID account, on multiple devices.
Currently, iTunes users need to repurchase music if they want to wirelessly download the songs to other iOS devices. Users could also of course sync via iTunes on their Mac or PC to work around these download charges.
A deal would provide iTunes customers with a permanent backup of music purchases if the originals are damaged or lost, said the people. The service also would allow downloads to iPad, iPod and iPhone devices linked to the same iTunes account, they said. The move would be a step closer to universal access to content centrally stored on the Internet.
Bloomberg also backs up claims of a new, free MobileMe that relies on Apple’s North Carolina data center for more cloud-based features.