Apple offering free repairs for iPod touches, iPhones, and Macs damaged in the Japan quake and tsunami

Apple is offering free service and repair to those Mac users who were affected by the Japan tsunami and earthquake in March. As stated in a Support & Information Services note [Japanese version/ Google-translated English version] on Apple’s Japanese website, the company is offering free repairs to any Macs, Cinema Displays, iPhones, iPads or iPod touches damaged in the disaster. Apple’s offer applies to those directly affected by the earthquake who primarily live in municipalities covered by the Disaster Relief Act of 2011.
This isn’t the first time Apple has offered to help those who suffered in the Japan disaster earlier this year. Local Apple Retail managers opened up Apple Stores as sorts of communication centers that allowed people to use the Internet on the store’s machines to email, FaceTime and Skype their loved ones. Additionally, several Mac developers came to the aid of the disaster victims offering donations from the proceeds of their apps. Apple and all member of the Mac community who have helped and continue to help those in need deserve props and recognition for their support and humanity.