Apple quietly bumping iCloud storage to 25 GB until the year 2050?

Twitter user @mgleet tipped me off that Apple appears to have bumped his iCloud storage plan to 25 GBs until the year 2050. Multiple people here at TUAW are seeing the same plan bumps, though none of us has upgraded our plans, not to mention paid 38 years in advance.

Apple has been known to offer cloud storage upgrades for free in the past when their online services didn’t live up to expectations (MobileMe). Could this be a way Apple is apologizing for the Maps debacle?

To check to see what your storage plan is, go to Settings>iCloud>Account on your iOS device. Free 20GB storage upgrades for previous MobileMe members are set to expire today, but currently a bunch of us are seeing that those plans are now set to expire September 30, 2050.

It’s possible this could be a bug on Apple’s end as they transition MobileMe members down from the 25 GB plan to the 5 GB plan, though it’s October 1st in New Zealand and one of our writers there is reporting he’s still on the free 25 GB plan, which should have ended at 11:59PM September 30 New Zealand time. We’ll keep you updated as soon as we hear more information.