iPhone 5 News

Apple reportedly yet to order iPhone 5 parts

If you’re excited to buy the iPhone 5 this summer, you might want to relax a bit. Reports from China are saying that Apple hasn’t even started securing the parts for a brand new version of the iPhone, which would mean that there’s almost no way a new version could be released this year. Especially with all of the changes described in the recent rumors, Apple would need to start early to get all of the manufacturers working on making enough of a new iPhone to go around, and according to this source in China, those manufacturers haven’t heard word one.
When you combine that with what we heard about WWDC lacking a hardware announcement, it’s very likely that we won’t even hear about a brand new version of the iPhone until this fall. That’s fine — the iPhone 4 is a very solid device, and it’s still selling well. If Apple’s cloud aspirations are realized this year, the company from Cupertino will have plenty to work on anyway.