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Apple restrict sales of iPhone 4 in China retail stores

Considering the iPhone 4 scalpers who were buying bulk amounts of iPhone 4s to sell on the grey market, Apple today added restrictions on the sales of iPhone 4 in mainland China. Apple will not be offering walk-in sales of iPhone 4 in its retail stores at Beijing and Shanghai. All shoppers need to reserve their iPhone 4 on China’s Apple site, and pick up the iPhone 4 in retaill stores. Every customer may purchase only 1 iPhone per day.
Here’s how the new restrictions work: a customer needs to reserve an iPhone 4 online, choose the nearest retail store to pick up, and then Apple China offers the date and time for you to pick up. An email will be sent to customers after the reservation is successfully made. When a customer is picking up the iPhone 4 at the retail store, the name on the reservation must match the name on his/her ID exactly. Shoppers are reminded that they may purchase only one iPhone 4 each day.