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Apple Reveals the Top iPhone Apps of All Times

Ever wondered what the most downloaded free application was? What about the most downloaded pad app? Well, if these questions ever kept you up at night, now rejoice because Apple is sharing this information with us.

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As the company is counting down to the 10,000,000,000th app sold, Apple created a new page on iTunes that shows the top app downloads of all times. Spoiler: Facebook is #1…

Apple broke it down into 2 categories: free and paid apps:

Top Free Apps of All Times:

1. Facebook
2. Pandora
3. Google Mobile App
4. Shazam
5. Movies by Flixster
6. The Weather Channel
7. Google Earth
8. Bump
9. Skype
10. Paper Toss

Top Paid Apps of All Times:

1. Doodle Jump
2. Tap Tap Revenge 3
3. Pocket God
4. Angry Birds
5. Tap Tap Revenge 2.6
6. Bejeweled 2 + Blitz
7. Traffic Rush
8. Tap Tap Revenge Classic
9. AppBox Pro Alarm
10. Flight Control