Apple setting up another data center in Silicon Valley

We haven’t even officially been told what’s up with the data center in North Carolina, but apparently Apple wants more — the company is also setting up another new data center much closer to home in Silicon Valley. The 11,000 square foot setup is smaller than the big complex in North Carolina, which is said to be over 500,000 square feet (with about a fifth of that as actual server space). But the Silicon Valley center will still be pulling its own load when the 2.2 megawatts of critical power load comes online in September of this year. Apple is leasing the space wholesale from a company called DuPont Fabros, and it’s not a stretch to think that if Apple needs more data center capacity very soon, DuPont Fabros will be more than happy to provide it.
This one is located in Santa Clara, CA, and here’s an interesting tidbit: There are a lot of data centers in that neck of the woods because the local power provider, Silicon Valley Power, offers relatively cheaper rates than Pacific Gas and Electric Company nearby. Hopefully we’ll hear what all of this data center space is for soon — WWDC is just around the corner.