Apple Stores in France may not make employees work late

The High Court of Paris put the brakes on late-night work by Apple Store employees in France. According to a report in the AFP, Apple is banned from having employees work between the hours of 9:00 PM and 6:00 AM. The ban is the result of a complaint filed by several French labor unions which claim Apple##Q##s overnight work policy violated French labor laws.

In France, companies can only require overnight work when the shifts are necessary for the economic viability of the company or offer a social service. The court sided with the unions and agreed that Apple##Q##s work policy does not meet those requirements. Besides a ban, Apple also was ordered to pay a €10,000 fine to the unions that filed the lawsuit.

Stores targeted in this decision include the Opéra in ParisParly 2 in Le ChesnayCarré Sénart in LieusaintVal d##Q##Europe in Marne-la-ValleeCap 3000 in Nice and Atlantis in Saint Herblain.